How about the silicone brush, nylon fiber is what you want?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-10

a toothbrush is indispensable to our daily life a kind of commodity, it is the use of the original from China, for many years ago, people is to use small wood or cloth to clean, * a toothbrush from China in the world, is to use sticks and wire cloth production, today we toothbrush also appeared a lot of change, the use of in the nineteenth century began to slowly we now commonly used toothbrush, but the kinds of toothbrush very much, we are one of the more common are mostly nylon fiber toothbrush, with the invention of the various regions, we now have appeared in an electric toothbrush, silicone toothbrush and so on, while the use of silica gel products production toothbrush, ok?

more silicone toothbrush to remove plaque. Common dental disease, such as tooth decay and gum bleeding, periodontitis is associated with dental plaque. Studies have shown that electric toothbrush than manual toothbrush can remove 38% of dental plaque. In other words, the silicone electric toothbrush can help prevent tooth decay and gum bleeding, periodontitis and other oral diseases.

can protect teeth. A lot of people brush is very hard, and see how long your tooth brush is damaged. If one or two months the bristles will fall down, you brush your teeth or pressure, if 6 months were fine, explain you brush your teeth is not enough hard, certainly didn't brush clean. Both for teeth is very bad, though teeth is very strong, but hard to brush your teeth for a long time, will wear the teeth and cause tooth sensitivity, hot and cold all can't eat sweet and sour. If not to brush teeth clean, dental plaque bacteria residual, all kinds of dental disease can produce, tooth decay, periodontal disease, may cause the teeth to loose and severe toothache. With silica gel strength of an electric toothbrush is easier to control, that is, put a toothbrush in the teeth, teeth are not wear can be ensured and the cleaning effect, and can guarantee to protect teeth.

develop good brushing habits. A lot of people don't like to brush your teeth, feel trouble, may be even more basic vertical brush all can't do that, let alone standard pap brush method. Silicone electric toothbrush simplified method of brushing your teeth, and there was a time function, let you can easily develop good brushing habits.

reduce bleeding gums. Bleeding gums is mostly the symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis, gum disease is not value, will be for the development of periodontitis. Periodontitis don't seriously, the result may be loose teeth, even lead to premature birth, abortion, pregnant women and other systemic diseases.

bleeding gums essence is my teeth, dental plaque in stimulating gum, gum inflammation, swelling and bleeding. Because if you brush your teeth bleeding, dare not to brush your teeth, it would be wrong. The more bleeding gums, more show didn't brush your teeth clean, silicone small electric toothbrush gum incentives, cleaning effect is better, so can reduce bleeding gums.

the silicone brush main advantages are:

1, the silicone brush head material has excellent physiological inertia and chemical inertness, no oxidation, no degradation, not out of shape.

2, soft bristles, when brushing your teeth do not hurt the gums and teeth enamel, no bleeding gums phenomenon does not hurt the enamel.

3, massage the gums, promote gum tissue blood circulation, prevention of periodontal disease, gum atrophy.

4, silica gel, non-toxic, tasteless, do not touch water absorbent is less than 0. 015%, high permeability, no breed bacteria.

5, brush with high temperature resistance, high temperature of 260 ℃ or less cooking disinfection) High temperature disinfection.

6, with medical silicone brush head, soft, small friction coefficient, long service life.

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