High transparency liquid silicone mold can do

by:Cupidove     2020-04-24

high transparency liquid silicone mold can do you

high transparency liquid silicone products: there are several kinds of common usage, one is for filling and sealing, sealing, electronics, circuit boards, power supply box and so on, some products for filling and sealing the demand is higher, need high transparency, such as LED display, in this respect, the thermal properties of the silica gel, waterproof sealing performance, requires a high degree of insulation performance, but tear tensile resistance of silica gel itself without any requirements,

in addition to filling and sealing, most high transparent liquid silicone as a mold, a class is the requirement of high precision molds, need to see the inside of the products, such as auto parts mould precision casting and so on, as well as do crystal diamond, resin drilling, jewelry, accessories, etc. , require high transparent silicone, in addition, the tearing tensile properties of the silicone also have higher requirements, especially the transparent silicone of high hardness, is often more crisp, choice of silica gel to pay attention to, it is very important to choose a power factory.

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