High temperature resistant silicone liquid silicone manufacturers selling silicone mold

by:Cupidove     2020-04-26

high temperature resistant silicone liquid silicone manufacturers selling silicone mold

mold silicone according to the different can be divided into many kinds of performance, with high temperature resistance, high hardness, high tear tensile, radiation protection, has a low viscosity liquid, and according to different products, choose the corresponding mold silicone, therefore, silica gel this kind of chemical products, due to the different formula, process, performance varied widely, its value, the price also is not the same.

I the company shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD. , hereinafter referred to as Cupidove silicone factory, is has 21 years of plant history of international famous silicone brand manufacturers. Now has all kinds of mature and stable mold silicone, the existing high performance high temperature resistant silicone is suitable for cement products, resin handicraft, gesso line, crystal diamond, dental products, such as high temperature resistant properties far improved the anti-aging properties, extend the service life of the silica gel, increase the use value of the silica gel, cost-effective.

in addition, our company in sales of silica gel at the same time, also provide a relatively perfect product information, including product manuals, company brochure, teaching CD, etc. , our company has its own open mold master, can be made for complex product silicone products mold.

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