High temperature hot stamping silicon sheet

by:Cupidove     2020-04-24

bronzing silicon sheet, it is mainly used in plastics, toys, craft gifts, hardware electronics, special printing and other industries, it was made by using silica gel plate heat carrier, exquisite pattern transfer to the product. Color has red, orange, brown, etc.

applications: mainly used for special high temperature resistant products, hot stamping, hot stamping plate silicone roller, thermal transfer, etc.

product features: high temperature of 350 ~ 400 ℃, hardness requirements according to the requirements of the customers printing design. General hardness has a 40 °, 50 °, 60 °, 70 °, 80 °.

operation method:

1. Opened an aluminum mold, iron or copper, can together of that kind of up and down, like a box, the mould of lower die plane around a 2 mm wide open exhaust slot in order to help out during the period of pressure of the gas in the mould.

2。 The mold clean the mold first internal coating a layer of release agent, ( Release agent can be either vaseline or detergent) Wait for dry after for the following operation.

3。 In the bottom of the mold filling of aluminum plate ( On a piece of aluminum plate is playing on the holes, or polish with roving paper, in order to enhance the silicone and aluminum stick relay) , put aluminum plate, aluminum plate is clean on the aluminum plate coated with bonding agent. Filling of aluminum plate can be more than, the real work is above the block. ( Fill more than aluminum plate adjustment is the purpose of suppressing a silica gel plate thickness to bronzing silicone products and aluminum plate two put together) Mould hypothesis is 300 by 300 and the silicone products cutting board and aluminum plate area is slightly smaller, leave the internal width of mould between 2 cm width so that more than material and can discharge. This can prevent inflation after molding. Note: above the piece of aluminum plate coating heaven with water, can also help increase between silicon and aluminum stick relay.

4。 Cut out silica gel, silica gel plate is smaller than aluminum plate around 1 cm, because in the process of suppression, silica gel would like all round. And then put the silica gel plate up from a head slowly spread to the aluminum plate, with a wooden stick on the silica gel plate roll from one end to a head. The purpose is to catch the air. Doing so suppress good between silicon and aluminum plate, there is no air, no air bubbles, adhesive effect will be better. Take the mold to the molding machine, mold die while gas discharge twice to three times, if molding machine with vacuum machine at the same time of exhaust smoke 30 seconds of vacuum.

5。 In the 10 tons of pressure and 160 - 250 temperature of 20 - After 30 minutes, take out the mould, hot stamping plate, natural cooling.

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