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by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

is so-called environmental achievement personal decision method of thinking, change of market competition, and the principle of do different processing for manufacturing industry is a high quality trust and recognition! This is since the ancient times there is no industry cannot change the fact that, for high quality mobile phone silica gel set of suppliers, what conditions are needed, how do you need to find? Predictably silicone products industry and gradually towards different areas, different industries spread, from but universal quantitative change big, however, supply will increase, so what are the standards for looking for silicone products suppliers?

1, the qualification of the enterprise and power

for customers looking for silicon cell phone sets manufacturers, have different requirements, the first qualification certificates issued by the enterprise whether complete, the production of whether to get the license which is the most basic, the certification test certificates such as: ISO90001, ISO14001 certificate, but the most important thing is about the silicone products, product qualification and certification testing, etc. , the second factory strength is abundant, whether to let consumers have a relief to your idea, personnel, equipment, capital, attitude, and so on.

2, excellent technology and management

if the for the silicone products manufacturer in the product manufacturing problems aren't fixed this affirmation is not enough, so the general quality manufacturer concrete should have good leader, years of rich experience in technology and long-term operation of the old staff personnel, mould which is more need to be solved engineering and suggest a good way to achieve the high quality product quality

3, honesty and attitude is everything

the so-called attitude determines whether cooperation, good faith decided to customers rest assured, that this is not just mobile phone silica gel sets manufacturers must have is also a good enterprise responsible for, so for the silicone products delivery and the quality of the products need to be responsible for the customer, so the enterprise should not only be the strength of the product, to society, to individuals and groups should also meet these conditions, it is a kind of responsibility.

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