Heart, because of love! Millet acoustic silicone cleansing instrument launch!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-17

after two hundred and seventy-seven days and nights, after the big and small, challenges and obstacles, after constant hard work finally not koo masses, not all pay the sweat and credit for each participating supporters, June 24, 2018, millet has 'inface sonic cleansing instrument launch, a complete success!

'born because of love, and beauty go hand in hand' inface of sonic cleansing instrument slogans mainly comes from the concept of national brand millet! 'Love made me,' make every friends love will love yourself 'and beauty go hand in hand' fall in love with dress up yourself is very important, and inface sonic cleansing instrument to do is to let every one of my friends can be on the cleansing and skin care can be on the product, so the price become the focus of this product!

as a loyal rice consumers should know millet product price and popularity, so do consumers to buy the rest assured that with the comfort, nature is little not in technology and process on firm ground, inface sonic cleansing instrument in appearance with dow corning food-grade silicone products raw materials production, through Europe and the United States ROHS authentication, American FDA food-grade certification, China 3 c quality standards such as SGS certification testing, so you can rest assured bold use as consumers.

in addition to material, for nature is little not the appearance of the product design is novel, cleansing instrument may be used friends know silicone cleansing instrument can do different color, but a silicone cleansing instrument above can be a variety of different gradients, haven't appeared on the market, and the product's turn heads is appearance silicone multicolor gradient effect of the above, four different gradient color harmony let product visual system got very good ascension.

that in addition to the appearance of other advantage in where? That nature is little not acoustic vibration, from the 2000 revolutions per second vibration test back and forth constantly change test at 5000 RPM high frequency sound wave vibration effect, the well-known nula nor too this, internal design mainly adopts tungsten golden horse revolution through centrifuge electric control, double ultrasonic vibration technology, from three part of the vibration effect in combination with silicone brush head size distribution effect is more ideal cleansing!

for waterproof effect: internal fine selects high precision silicone sealing ring seal assembly, mechanical and electrical motor internal plastic shell adopts the seamless package complete seal, the silica gel in the outer most part is upset to 4. 5 mm thickness more deep waterproof, waterproof effect can reach 1. 5 meters depth up to 10 hours, compared with the well-known brand waterproof effect is better.

however, the main products of ideas or millet, lei jun has been the one of let me remember by heart: 'I want to tell you, who are millet, millet, why fight? That is moved by the heart, honest price, comprehensive profit margins by more than 5% 'never trust honest people will not too bad luck, always believe that good things will happen' and the two words is the rice noodles are recognition of millet products 'honest'

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