Have a soft silicone than 0 degrees

by:Cupidove     2020-04-23

there are more than 0 degrees of soft silicone products?

Cupidove silicone products production factory production of 0 degrees below the silicone is very soft, tensile properties is also very good, very widely

there are many kinds of liquid silicone products, because of the difference of quality, price range is very big, different materials, different formulations, different production process is liquid silicone performance has a great deal of difference, the following is a product of our company under 0 degrees soft glue, the glue is the hardness of actual below 0 degrees, very soft, better than the skin soft, and on the basis of the soft surface can also meet the feel is good, not glue the hand, tear tensile resistance is strong, not out of the oil characteristics, very suitable for application as human silica gel,

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