Handmade soap made of how the mold silicone mold

by:Cupidove     2020-05-08

hand soaps rolling over with the silica gel

handmade soap is a very simple thing, just mix good soap, and then directly into the prepared mold can, simple process, low cost and mould making is the key, how to be a good soap mold, first choose the silica gel with good performance comparison, the specific requirements, soft, good elasticity, resistance to tear tensile, long service life and production of condensation is commonly used in silicone products, in the form of filling mould, also can use environmental protection silicone products, lengthened the cost is higher, but it works, 6 series Cupidove silicone mold first silicone products rubber do, in 20 years of constantly improve its performance. Very suitable for mould making soap and other arts and crafts. With the development of technology. Soap is not only the change of the exterior shape, as well as inside, can put a lot of craft ornaments, already beautiful, practical, soap after use, the video also can be used as a key chain, prospect is attractive, great

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