Hand knead silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

hand knead silicone definition

hand knead silica gel is a hand to knead silica gel - Make new arts and crafts materials, a kind of random modelling, easy to curing finalize the hand pinched plasticity of soft silicone products material, this material does not require heating can be cured at room temperature to finalize the design arts and crafts. Hand knead silicone products also belong to a product classification of silicone products rubber products.

hand knead silicone USES

is suitable for the production, DIY products are suitable for fine craftsmanship of product standard, is suitable for the workshop production of handicraft production, craft workshops can also be applied to recreation. Composition of

silicone rubber consists of the following components: molding silicone rubber; The gas phase silica; Water, silicone rubber curing agent. Advantages:

hand pinched silicone production crafts of simple technology, convenient operation, working environment clean. Handicraft surface can wipe with water, and not easy to be stained with dust, easy to clean. The present invention eliminates the machining process, shorten the working time, reduces the equipment investment, saves the operation space, reduces the production cost.

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