Hand-board model design with silica gel. Silicone rubber

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

hand-board model design with silica gel. rubber with planks silicone application:

hand silica used to produce hand-board model, PVC plastic mould, cement products mold, low melting point alloy mould, alloy toys, plastic toys, electronic, handicrafts, stationery industry, large statue, the replication of cultural relics, ( Shoes mold) Sole mould manufacturing, pad printing, electronic equipment such as seismic model of the product development and design.

hand-board silica gel characteristics:

low viscosity, good fluidity, good operation.

small shrinkage, deformation, stable product size.

small batch mold copy, model design, etc.

normal product parameters ( Model) :





tensile strength

tear strength


the ratio of curing agent

operation time

cure time

( cps)

( Shaw Ao)

( kgf/cm2)

( 公斤/厘米)

( %)

( %)

( h)

( h)

528 #







2 - 3

0。 5

2 - 4

540 #







2 - 3

0。 5

2 - 4

570 #







2 - 3

0。 5

2 - 4

hand-board silicone instructions:

1, add 3 - 5% curing agent, has 30 minutes can be operating time ( At room temperature) , 4 - 8 hours of mold can be completely cured.

the blending ratio of 2, silicone and curing agent is: 100-3 5. For example: 100 grams of silica gel, add 3 - 5 grams of curing agent. Curing agent according to the proportion of 5%, provided free of charge. If users need operation time shorter or longer, in principle, don't take less or more method of curing agent, should contact with the company to provide a new preparation of curing agent.

hand-board silicone products details:

hand silica gel series of silica gel is A kind of flow of liquid, no matter what color, but quality is the same, part A is the flow of liquid, part B is curing agent. The mold first kind of handle or copy products, take a certain amount of colloid, add 2 - 3% of curing agent, mixing evenly, can be used after 2 - Mold can be solidified molding 3 hours. Has no deformation, no shrinkage, high temperature resistant, can be repeatedly used after molding, products provide rapid replication, product shrinkage rate can reach two over one thousand, which is mainly used for hand-board model and small bulk copy products.

the making craft of hand-board silica gel:

open mould means has BaoMo, brush mould ( Subdivision model, the three-dimensional model, plane model) , filling mould, this is according to the size of the product.

a, BaoMo: first on the mode of package a thickness of 3 ~ 5 mm layer of soil, make plaster coat, remove dirt stains demoulding, good mixing silicone and curing agent into a set of mould of plaster coat, curing.

2, brush mode: general brush three-tier layers according to mould requirements, brush on the model of vacuum layer, brush in place. The second stick gauze. The third layer covering curing.

three, perfusion model: pour the mix of silicone and curing agent for good mould kinds of containers, vacuum curing. Some can't directly to take out the mold must also stripping operation, in order to production smoothly.

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