Guangdong economic development relationship with silica gel products industry!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-01

guangdong economic development speed is surging in recent years, with various types of economy of all the payment for goods, the guangdong area according to the statistics in the real estate industry in 2016, the economic system balance breakthrough billion, ranked first in the country, the economy continues to rise, as the demand of the guangdong general residents friend and real estate market, we demand for housing loan, plus over car shopping and so on to guangdong economy, of course, now the pace of development of industrial electronic medical industry is no exception, as a manufacture in China, has a huge industrial production manufacturers, such as in guangdong area now known as the world manufacturing city of dongguan, dongguan silicone products industry, machinery manufacturing industry, electronic industry and so on also brings to us a source of national economy.

in manufacturing industry, especially in the economic development of silicon rubber industry now, from the previous survey, silicone rubber products industry of economy of manufacturing industry in guangdong province occupy 18%, with the development of silicone industry in recent years, allowing more industry and business, life etc. Widely used in the market demand is becoming more and more big, annual sales of 300000 tons, and silica gel applied to the now has a very wide range of areas, industrial development, and now many rubber products is replaced by silica gel products, many medical equipment supplies basic in the medical industry is made of platinum silica gel in the catering industry in order to live healthy green, some hardware plastic also replaced by silica gel products, silica gel non-toxic tasteless, has good chemical properties, non-toxic tasteless, safe to use, now many families are using silicone products, so we can make the silicone industry rapid development of economic growth, guangdong economic payment list.

now competition not dismiss silicone products industry development, many companies began to silica in rubber industry industry transformation, now a lot of rubber products co. , LTD. , began to silica gel so now in the silicone industry competition is huge, despite the huge market demand, as dongguan silicon industry is one of the manufacturers, if continue to maintain industry development should be products and services, make industry for don't falling!

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