Green food grade silicone brown sugar candy mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-05-03

green food grade silicone brown sugar candy mold silicone products product features:

the factory from imported high quality production mold silicone monomer materials, meticulously produced by the development and production of a kind of high quality liquid; The stability of high transparency and high quality transparent mold silicone products. Can be made according to customer needs all kinds of properties of high silica gel products, this product is a kind of molding silicon rubber, rubber viscosity moderate, can flow, can fill and brush. Add molding compared with condensation type, good dimensional stability, environmental protection class is high, the mold can be used for food, line shrinkage is less than 0. 1%, high temperature resistant up to 250 ℃, in a sealed environment heating reduction.

green food grade silicone brown sugar candy mold silicone scope of application:

this product is mainly used for complex mode of food, candy mold, mould, cake mold and size requirement very stable precision casting equipment, and carbon fiber composite material, the machine parts of surveying and mapping, etc. The products are certified by SGS environmental protection material.

green food grade silicone brown sugar candy mold silicone method of use:

take add molding abrasive silicone A and B in proportion to 1:1 or 10:1 standard mix, then add vacuum machine, vacuum exhaust bubble, usually about 10 - operating time About 15 minutes. If need to dilute, can add 10% thinner. Thinner and silica gel ratio 10:1 molding plastic vacuum after pouring, can heat up to 2-60 ℃ 3 hours curing can be removed or curing 100 ℃ for 20 minutes.

green food grade silicone brown sugar candy mold silicone storage and matters needing attention:

before use, please take less resin molding experiments, to master the skills, to avoid waste.

this product use should be banned in the blended with organic tin compound condensation type silicone products rubber, otherwise, the rubber not fluidization. Also should avoid mixed with sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen compounds. Otherwise, also can make this product vulcanization incomplete or not cure.

storage period of 12 months; Packing: 25 kg/barrel.

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