Glass fiber reinforced plastic fixture liquid silicone vacuum bag

by:Cupidove     2020-05-03

FRP fixture liquid silicone products vacuum bag

FRP fixture liquid silicone products vacuum bag used silica gel on the performance requirement is very strict, tearing tensile toughness, good elasticity without shrinkage and so on, the following is specific parameters of Cupidove silica gel

technical parameters:




mixed before viscosity ( 25℃,65% rh)

E640 ( 一)


11000 + 3000 / - 3000年

E640 ( B)


5500 + 3000 / - 3000

after mixing property ( 25℃,65% rh)

blending ratio

( Weight ratio)

A: B = 1:1

yan color



blend viscosity


8000 + / - 3000 3500

operation time ( 25℃)


30 - 45

curing time ( 25℃)


3 ~ 4

hard degree ( 海岸)


40 + / - 3

tensile strength


11. 0 + / - 2 1. 0

tear strength


20 + / - 4 2

elongation at break

% p


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