Glass bottles - Plastic bottles - Silica gel bottles - That is more suitable for infants and young children

by:Cupidove     2020-08-20

bottle is each infant growth period must accompany the goods, it every day before the age of two children and a baby hug to each other, so the parents for the choice of the bottle nipple or need to embrace carefully to choose and buy, so today we explain more about several bottles of material is commonly used in our life, exactly how to choose, three kinds of material such as glass, plastic, silicone, which are frequently used for us that how to analyze their advantages and disadvantages?

actually each bottle has certain strengths and weaknesses, so we still need to each director for different using environment and the baby's temperament and the actual situation to confirm what's choice.

preferred silicone bottle is a most we are currently in the market, consumers are more recognition of infant supplies, and every bottle teats need to do is to produce silicone material, so for the silicone bottle is presented a kind of material, because the silica gel has good safety performance, environmental protection above the material occupies a variety of advantages, in addition to the silicone products with good resistance to high temperature performance and proof and abrasion resistance and can be completely to infants and young children themselves, so this category can be recommended for larger babies.

plastic bottles is the growing popularity of traditional maternal and infant supplies, so it has good reputation and qualification, and the material for the plastic bottles it can be divided into a lot of kinds, such as PC, PP, PE, PS and so on a variety of thermoplastic materials, whose advantage is the low price definition, for the vast majority of consumers to use, can appropriate temperature tolerance, more conventional, but the pacifier and combined with silicone nipple, and the drawback is that it is not resistant to fall, even environmental protection material, but will send out a certain amount of harmful substances.

glass bottles is the nineties compared with public money bottle, because glass has a good sense of texture and smooth and has a certain weight, so in terms of cleaning and more preferential, feeding ways for safety or the product cannot be broken, so usually is used for baby under the age of feeding by the parent, and heat transfer faster weight are heavier, so just advise parents feeding can choose this category.

in combination with the above three products, the overall effect of personal advice or in terms of silica gel products material, due to its advantages and practical function effect should be higher than the other two, and the emergence of the silica gel products is solve the articles for daily use of other material can not meet the security environmental protection under the premise of to use it, so don't worry it will jointly with the other material has identified, but to believe that it will.

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