Give consumers a truth! Baby silicone bowl of Ann is not safe!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-30

tableware is an essential part of our three meals a commodity, security issues for nature is not to be ignored, so far, the market of traditional ceramic tableware, PP products, sand and gravel material and so on, and as a child with a bowl to tableware, the above material has shortcomings, traditional ceramic children are easy to be broken is broken, and PP plastic how much will be harmful effects, casseroles, not to mention the material, so the reliable material it belongs to the material of the silicone products, so the baby silicone bowl what Ann not safe in use process, advantages and differences can you judge it?

many families for infant and young child feeding problems difficult to sleep, the main problem or worry can't self-discipline, while eating vulnerable to risk and so on, and the emergence of silica gel products has deep for infants and young children lit up the road of growth, from the silica gel children's tooth gel to eat the silicone spoon and eat before a silicone bib to silicone bowl of children and so provides a lot of help, and silicone bowl cover is not security problems!

in terms of performance, the silicone material as tableware kitchen utensils and appliances is currently one of the most dominant products in the commodities industry, is now very popular in European and American countries, one of the products from the silicone bowl by environmental protection material, food-grade silicone rubber raw material processing hot-pressing forming by high temperature 200 degrees, 100% after the secondary sulfide can reach the food grade certification testing standard, under normal circumstances the regular silicone products factory processing of silicone bowl, infants and young children can rest assured bold use!

when it comes to performance silicone tableware with plastic PP material on a par with what difference? First PP material in high temperature melting, in low temperature and is easy to broken, encounter the phenomenon such as climatic influence on aging discoloration, and hard plastic for infants and young children may cause certain harm, and can be high temperature resistant silicone products without exception, has a good soft rebound, can drop the damage, in the aspect of color appearance can be a different design and color can be made more attractive to the eye of children, infants and young children can be at ease and pleasant to use, more different worry about early infant feeding.

as for different material of silicone rubber products factory can be customized processing performance and special properties of the material, and according to the requirements of your market demand will allocate you want silicone child supplies raw material to attain the request of you!

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