Girls how to choose appropriate own condoms?

by:Cupidove     2020-04-02
Girls how to choose appropriate own condoms? Time: 2019 07 - 05 source: author: reading: as more and more girls started to pay attention to protect themselves and their own feelings, there have been no women to become buy the main adult supplies, especially the condom products. But as a novice, many women still lack some experience when buying condoms. That as the owner, how to recommend suitable for female customers a condom? Small make up today to tell you about this topic. Thickness of 1, 003002001 condoms, now on the market more and more of these Numbers is referring to a full range of thickness, respectively 0. 3 mm / 0. 02 mm / 0. 01 mm. Due to the limitation of traditional physicochemical properties of latex, polyurethane (pu), ultra-thin condoms generally process will become more complex, the natural price will be higher than many. 2, thin degree though the thinner condoms, feel more real, but the thinner the more difficult it is to wear a condom, and more tight, boys will be uncomfortable. If the boy is more sensitive, nor is it suitable for their use of ultra-thin condoms. Composite, 003 more popular. 3, size, large diameter, there will be a loss risk, not the some protection. Small diameter, and will be tight, the boy may be on the way. Generally, the size of the condom in marked on the side of the side of bottle, in China, the Chinese men in common use. 4, many condom promotion to delay time, the main points two kinds, one is physical time delay, set of upset. Take several layers of condoms is not recommended to delay, may fall off. Is the another delay, if the customer is don't recommend this type of allergy sufferer. 5, personalized if older women customers, usually particles can recommend trying to thread a condom. Although the packaging, the packaging like mace, but women can feel is thicker than usual rubber, friction and is not very comfortable feeling, but some more stimulation. Above share is small make up have to stand in the perspective of women how to choose suits own condoms, adult supplies to use in order to make both sides more satisfied, there will be more enjoyable experience, if you want to learn more adult supplies, you can also pay attention to the official store, more new products listed is waiting for you to experience.
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