Girl don't allow yourself to single for too long, Blush help you stay away from 'single disease'

by:Cupidove     2020-04-04
Girl don't allow yourself to single for too long, Blush to help you stay away from 'single disease' love is a sweet and beautiful, when you look back MuRan, there is still a man behind at you silly smile, meet all your willfulness requirements; If we say, everyday play is the sublimation of love emotional communication between agent and then blush is between lovers enjoy's sex as flavouring agent. But not everyone has such a sweet emotion; Some people may be single, enjoy quiet and comfortable, single time only belongs to yourself, without distraction to partner; Some people may be the mother's womb solo, from birth to now have remained single, never talk about love; Also some people are hurt by no longer believe in love, a person crouching in the corner like a hedgehog turned up covered in thorns to protect himself. But no matter because what reason is caused, single, single for a long time for the girl always some harm. Single time longer, you will find that more and more universal, and strength; Small screw cap to oneself, to hand on the toilet; Went to change the light bulb, pick up the wrench can repair; Can bring an apron cooking, one hand carry water the sixth floor. 。 。 。 。 。 You will find yourself more and more independent, don't become the women in the population, butch. No boys around, all sorts of details that need oneself to bear alone in life, your personality began to gradually become like men woman. she, can become gaudy with boys, to the brothers, let straight away for you. To talk about marriage theory to marry the age, if you're single, will have their nagging, relatives and friends of parents persecuted and forced to participate in various activities. You just need to face the pressure from family and the outside world to the spirit of, also need to be under pressure to work in the workplace. Pressure for a long time, lead to single girls prone to negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression, serious still can appear abnormal behavior, and so on and so forth. Single for too long, you will find that you saw the boy's faults; A girl in love is blind, see will always be each other's advantages; Once you have to be single, you will find that you have like of the person before what a favor, you will find that the boys around you dress sense how bad, even will find each other may be mother treasure; Even if the other party again good, you will be picky, feel each other not eat cilantro, garlic is a big shortcoming. Single for long enough you will have a holiday of panic, when colleagues counted the time every day looking forward to the holidays, and you only upset hope not holiday. Because they are discussed where to go to the feast with her boyfriend, is the first to eat western food or see a movie, or go on a trip to enhance feelings. And you, can only at home in the house; With your company only TV series, games, and never miss delivery. Out his phone and want to offer little sister to eat a meal, only to find that the little sisters would have about boyfriend. Hang after the phone, you say don't care, but only to holding the doll of a man staring blankly. Single for a long time also can let a person think you are a lesbian ( Lace) , circle is related to the little sisters, go about rice, about to go shopping, about the game, no boys around reside, sometimes slightly and gay too close, also can't stop my mind of YY. Single too long in addition to have spiritual level & other Single disease & throughout; , its harm to the body also is very big. Single for a long time can affect estrogen. Estrogen is an important material of spur growth of breast, uterus, it can make women more rich & other; Feminine & throughout; ; A harmonious sex life can promote the secretion of estrogen, and single for a long time of girl natural estrogen secretion was smaller than the female sex. So the girl's skin becomes rough, loose, lose luster, at the same time there will be such as menstrual disorders, gynecological diseases such as hyperplasia of breast. Being single for a long time will cause female adrenal system imbalance. During sex and orgasm and sexual impulses can activate the adrenal system, promote the catecholamine ( Norepinephrine, epinephrine) , thus accelerate human breathing deepened, pulmonary ventilation increases, the heart speeds up, blood pressure, blood circulation to speed up, the sweat secretion, strengthen fat decomposition, elevated blood sugar. If the adrenal system imbalance, the body appear hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue and burnout. In addition, the lack of life for a long time is bad for joint health, is not conducive to improve the endurance and flexibility of the cardiovascular system. In v, so not small make up in the alarmist. Single time may make you feel freedom, independence, along with the gender, need for emotional hotspots. But a long time, the face & other; Single disease & throughout; Will eat away at you, let you in a different kind of panic. When it's a long night, lonely you want someone to talk to; Or empty to be filled. Don't worry, you still have blush, please rest assured himself to it, let it take you away from the lonely panic and empty, tomorrow the sun rises is a beautiful day.
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