Function and advantages of apt, silicone baby products!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-27

s different children have different childhood upbringing and accompanied toys, children's growth and different s toys have different concerns, remember the woodiness molar rod and the textile bib pocket with 90 00 and after a long long time, and now how to infants and children of the era, and completely different, silicone baby products has become the modern children's main essential commodities, as for the silicone children's products do you have a preliminary cognition?

at present in the western countries in terms of children's products used in basic soft plastic material, the silica gel become one of the most children is qualitative, because have too many excellent features advantages can replace other children's products, first in terms of material already can reach the food grade skin contact with children not does not adapt, soft material completely won't harm the skin and can be used as molar hockey and other functions, can be customized in terms of appearance of different colors and a variety of design and color, one eye can let infants and young children love!

from the current trend, the market of silicone baby products gradually covered with every family, every child in the future growth accompanied by items, believe that will also include silicone material so it's really important to choose the quality of the product, but want to use a fine silica gel children gifts with high quality natural to the understanding of the principle of processing of products and product components, so for the children of silicone products do you want to seriously learn about?

silicone special children's products production process, it is moulded by high temperature in 190 degrees high temperature forming, so for high temperature and use for a long time will not appear under the situation of the ageing phenomenon such as shortening the life of life, children in silicone products factory production and processing in the process of the main is to control the appearance of the product, can't afford to keep product internal clean black spots impurities do not have burrs, on the other hand is soft degree and springback control products, adopt the reasonable machine note conditions to prevent products appear the phenomenon such as soft brittle!

the silicone baby products customized processing the above problems, raw material is the key problem, the general ordinary silica gel can also do the food grade silica gel products, and choose the main reason is that the performance of the products and food grade silica gel later use effect whether can reach, such as the smell of the different rubber, the product shape after stretching rebound effect and so on!

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