Four years, the World Cup for you to choose a silicone souvenirs!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

in four years time, is really not kui I didn't eat is coming! ! With the coming of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the world people's fans began to excitement, and besides thrilled fans, souvenir of World Cup fans also gradually surfaced, gradually show fans before, although the World Cup and not China, but the full effect on our country's World Cup fans, friends, intimdating crowd scenes like about watching football will certainly to their own country and take out the memory of their souvenir, and so the silicone souvenirs nature is little not so carnival occasions, what will you choose for how exquisite souvenirs?

fans silicone key chain

simple and convenient products, soft silicone raw materials production, avirulent environmental protection, USES the multicolor a integrated production and processing, the product has the appearance of the rich color and multicolor design do different styles of standard, general silicone supply businesses can make a different team LOGO and flag for to choose, as a loyal fan, whether go out or wear it I will know whether you are a true and false false fan!

football silicone ice

as the summer, watching the World Cup 352 fewer friends drink ice beer that kind of feeling, so the silicone ice can be fully put to use in the beer glass, silica gel products make spherical ice lattice can - at low temperature Within 40 degrees, use for a long time, do not do a football natural ice, the main or in the sense of question, beer and meet the World Cup, ice cool in the summer, see your eyes at the World Cup with passion!

the silicone cup mat

the silicone cup mat as early as 16 years it has been shortlisted for the European championship season, commonly used in families and qing or bar, customizable patterns of different national team, products are mainly made of thermal transfer technology, design is clean and clear, no stereo feeling, smooth as the ball into the cup mat when watching their favorite team, feel different meaning!

silicone following

the arrival of the World Cup a lot of friend silently to cell phone swap silicone mobile phone sets, design is Argentina, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, England, and so on a variety of design is very rich, so in the football season whether you would choose a belong to your support team cell phone sets?

the silicone bracelet

silica gel hand ring again, as the main gifts, sell like hot cakes of basketball before but also recently become the best-selling World Cup gift, silica gel products manufacturers processing custom screen printing, with different team LOGO to make it different national memorial bracelet, also can let strangers see when watching you is to support that a team! !

more than hot selling silicone gift products belong to common basic football, and for the World Cup as a souvenir of far more than these things, there are more electronic products, silicone adhesive products, etc. , don't say so many perhaps the thought of a lot of friends to buy the product only one, that is to support their favorite team would fall in love with this souvenir! But said here in choose one of the World Cup like souvenirs and team is necessary on the playground. On the football field, feel oneself is a member of the team is full of power! Can find there are a lot of ways, such as clicking on the silicone souvenirs or directly to ask direct website

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