Foreign silicone products for export instability and anxiety

by:Cupidove     2020-09-24

Europe and the United States in recent years many countries of silica gel products industry exports of many disputes, since Britain to take off the local many VCS who fears for the risk of more layers of rising fear that eu countries economic instability, countries have said will take measures to limit the influence spread, now with this influence slowly fade, investor interest in various industries also decreases slightly. Eu countries Turkey because of the coup in July local industries are affected by different degree, the second rubber and plastic industry is equally by export instability problems.

according to export products in many countries were rejected, said 'what happened after the coup, we don't know, we are not sure of security of supply in Turkey, so we want to find a different supplier in other countries where' according to the understanding has killed hundreds of people because of the military coup failure led to a lot of a lot of buyers are afraid when purchasing in Turkey, a rubber supplier pinekei biggest local as well as some silicone products manufacturers are worried about the loss of the local market business, the second big part of the import and export trade business moved to Spain.

according to learn about the rich raw material resources, the country in the finance, tourism and rubber industry is relatively developed countries, can be seen from the statistics of 2011 Turkish rubber market in total output has reached more than $100, including tire and rubber accessories products occupy 60 or so, synthetic rubber silicone rubber products occupy 30%, since 2003 the rubber industry in Turkey is mainly supported by exports, now calm after a coup storm silica gel products industry, is expected to rise?

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