For silica gel at oil distress? Silicone oil is not hopeless

by:Cupidove     2020-04-22

for silica gel at distress? oil take oil is not hopeless

previous articles have mentioned, mold the silicone operation method and the matters needing attention, help you to understand the operation of the silica gel, so here I want to talk about, silicone often appeared in the process of rolling over problems and solutions.

silica gel in the common problems in the process of rolling over and method

rolling over less

turn fewer die is very common, on the one hand may be a teacher in the process of making mould add too much silicon oil, and while a silicone oil can dilute the silicone, but the molecular weight of silicone oil destroyed the silica gel, so the mould will be fewer die, soft hardness, not durable. Then there is the silica gel model no right, to mould small products with high hardness of silica gel, can appear the phenomenon of fewer rolling over, because the silicone products hard time will be very crisp, easy to broken. Instead, small open big mold hardness and toughness are often can not meet the requirements. Will make mold deformation, so will reduce number of rolling over. First choose the silica gel model, therefore, to find a suitable silicone, try not to add silicone products oil. Brush more layers of glass fiber cloth is rolling over, longer service life.

die appears to burn in the

because of unsaturated resins and resin products with peroxide curing agent, reaction in the resin will produce a lot of heat, general resin curing time for 3 minutes, so after 3 minutes to release as soon as possible, to prevent the silicone mold won't produce the phenomenon that burn mode.

the mould of the silicone mold filling mould and divided method

open silicone mold are two main methods: one is filling mould, one kind is shard brush mode, these two approaches have their own characteristics, the operation simple, single material, the latter is just on the contrary, both can have a complementary, but not necessarily every product general brush die and die. It points, the following detailed introduction of brush die and die.

shard or mold piece operation method: using smoked vacuum silicone to besmear to brush or perfusion method construction. If you are doing the mold piece or divided using besmear to brush, besmear brushs the you want to copy product or model before besmear to brush a layer of demoulding agent or isolation agent and silicone coating on product ( Note: be sure to besmear brushs uniform) Waiting for 30 minutes, will be pasted on the surface of a layer of gauze or to increase the strength of glass fiber cloth, the second floor and then coated with silica gel, silica gel, such as dry, to do mold, outer mold can use gesso or resin material.

irrigation mode or perfusion mode of operation: irrigation mode or perfusion model, is used to compare smooth or simple products, will you want to copy product or model, with plastic board or glass plate that will be a vacuum of silica gel directly into the products above, after being dry silica gel forming, take out the products, mold is molding the ( Note: perfusion model generally adopts the soft hardness of silica gel to do die, so that parting easier, not damage the inside of the silicone mold products) , all above is the mold silicone use and operation process.

the silicone mold phenomenon appear table do not

this problem in the process of making mould is very common, mostly because of the silicone and curing agent mixing unevenly. But others because of lack of water, mold the silicone is belong to the condensation silicone, it is by absorbing moisture in the air and curing, silica gel in the process of making the water boiled, without calling in just the right amount of moisture, can appear the phenomenon. Solution: this phenomenon does not belong to quality problems, but because there is no control moisture, improve the shelf life of silicone, long shelf life will appear some phenomenon, as long as in the use of silicone, right amount add 0. 05% water, stir evenly can solve some conditions.

a pull of phenomenon

because the customer in the process of making mould, in order to reduce the viscosity of the silica gel, the silica gel is easy to operation and a large amount of added silicone oil in the silica gel, this will make silicone is very soft, not resistant, pull, tear strength is reduced, the phenomenon of tension variation, resulting in the mould is not durable, service life is short, the phenomenon such as fewer rolling over.

mold silicone itself is not taking oil, appeared to take oil is because of the complex silicone oil is added in the operation process, oil and white mineral oil complex ligand) , because the white mineral oil is oil chemical products, not silicone oil. Solution is to add less silicone oil, add two layers of glass fiber cloth brush mould process, can enhance toughness.

the mold is not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to ageing

in the process of making silicone mold, we suggest that the customer does not add any silicone oil, if necessary, add quantity of not more than 5% ~ 10% more silicone oil. Because the amount of silicone oil to add too much can destroy the molecular weight of silica gel, so the mold to produce not resistant to acid and alkali, not resistant to ageing phenomenon.

the mold surface traces, stripes, the phenomenon such as not smooth

appear this kind of phenomenon is not to copy products or models of grinding or polishing. Because in fact the model or the product itself is not enough smooth or perfect, so to copy products or model if without grinding or polishing, again good made of silicone mold will not beautiful, not smooth enough. Another is that playing release agent, not besmear brushs homogeneous can cause mould is not smooth.

the above are some of the common problems in the process of making mould, but there is another important reason is that the performance of the silica gel itself suggest big buy year longer big manufacturer, supply stability, performance is guaranteed, or buy a glue, what method to use, what is the silica gel problems feel free to contact me,

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