For anal sex, can use adult supplies?

by:Cupidove     2020-04-05
For anal sex, can use adult supplies? Time: 2019 12 - 06 source: author: reading: adult supplies has become indispensable element in People's Daily life, in many cases, we are in for a variety of sexual activity, often need some adult supplies to assist, in order to gain better experience, under the premise condition, different scenarios to choose an appropriate adult supplies also has become a very important thing. For sexual activity preferences tend to vary, and many people prefer this way of sex, anal sex so on anal sex, and can be used which adult supplies? First in the anal sex, are bound to use the enema with equipment. After processing, in which will make both sides sex process becomes more natural, and more clean, also can effectively enhance the pleasure of sex process, this process is mainly through to the anus pumping water to eliminate the effect of the corresponding smudgy material, in this process will also use to some special adult supplies, such as the applier. Professional in enema enema for users to provide more pleasure at the same time, such as the front end of the applier will be made into the shape of a string of beads, so inside your anus, itself can bring users related sensitive stimulus, while at the same time, the water at the back of the capsule can be removed, in which the pumping clean water, then squeeze in connected to the front catheter can directly reach after enema, the purpose of the design is very convenient. In the process of anal intercourse, but also need some equipment for expansion, such as a dildo, and so on, but the anal opening is relatively small, generally the dildo, it can be difficult to put into immediately, at this time of the early you can use the beads in the shape of a dildo for front-end expansion. This shape involved are anal dildo, head of the beads are relatively small, and then the beads will be more and more big, so in to promote the process of can for the expansion of the anus for effective, thus achieve the result of increased convenience sex. In addition, in the process of sexual intercourse, nature is little not related to the lubricant. Because does not automatically secrete related lubricating bowel liquid, so this time must want to have the external force to increase the pleasure of sex process to reduce the friction coefficient, all sorts of lubricant also can show up at this time. Good lubricant should be presented a state of slightly sticky, and can have the effect of drawing, after repeatedly crash simulation of the process conditions of sex, so often can add more interest on the basis of the original, also make sex process become more happy.
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