For a long time how to maintain liquidity silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-04-29

silica gel is put for a long time how to maintain liquidity

liquid silicone products how to solve the thickening phenomenon is a problem concerned by many users, because of the process, in some cases, the silicone will be placed for a long time, even a year for two years, if more than a year of silica gel viscosity will increase over time and thicken, expired liquid silicone will be solidified into a ball and almost no liquidity, which makes us very puzzled. Expired liquid silicone can be very illiquid almost as a group, will cause the AB glue mixing occurs difficulties and glue not phenomenon of how to ensure the liquidity becomes matters, how to do? Again without the actual amount of cases, there is only one way, that is before using the two components of silicone separately stirring, until evenly liquidity is good for mixed stirring, liquidity is to bounce back.

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