Food grade liquid silicone is introduced

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25

food grade liquid silicone,

and food contact rubber products, in terms of its function, most belong to the repeated use of the products, therefore, one of the important question is strictly control the amount of dissolution and the 'migration' in the products, such as chelating agent in rubber products such as zinc oxide, antiager D, can dissolve in the liquid food and through transfer into the food, so the rubber raw materials, varieties selection and dosage of chelating agent control is very important. Special formula in the design should minimize cooperate and types of rubber, simplified formula of as much as possible. On the use of chelating agent, but also try to avoid the hidden danger, make the final product has health security. After contact with the food in the application are precipitation harmful substances, migration into food, or control over these migration material after test in a certain range, not harmful to human health and cause pollution to food.

according to our country, the 'food hygiene regulation' the provisions of article 12 food raw material coating of packaging materials must be non-toxic harmless, accord with national health standards and hygienic requirements. Use rubber products also come in direct contact with food must obey this rule.

and food contact rubber products belong to the 'food hygiene regulation' which is one of the packaging material. Therefore, it is should be according to the specific situation of our country various factories, make them under the condition of use after contact with the food, the component will not migrate into the food, or make these previous two control at the levels of no harm to people's health; Second, the afferent sensory system that does not destroy food, or make food cannot tolerate changes in the nature and quality of incoming sensory systems can affect human organs or senses, especially of taste and smell.

according to the above two requirements, to contact the rubber products have been used for food hygiene evaluation, or draw lessons from foreign related regulations, such as the United States FDA, the federal republic of Germany BGA, produce rubber products conform to the hygiene safety requirements.

the performance of food grade liquid silicone,

1, food-grade silicone belongs to a kind of environmental protection silicone products silicone, non-toxic, no smell, high transparency;

2, soft, good elasticity, resistance to kink deformation;

3, no crack, long service life, cold resistant high temperature;

4, have a higher resistance to tear strength and superior electrical properties;

5, room temperature placed the same yellow, don't spray frost, don't spit white, do not fade, no scale put water, no peculiar smell;

low food grade liquid silicone use method and matters needing attention

, A, B two weight 1:1 mixing, after vacuum deaeration water. At room temperature ( 28 degrees) Operating time 30 minutes, 4 - 5 hours curing completely; Heat up 60 - 120 degrees, can be completely cured at dozens of minutes.

when operating and used condensation silicone products container apart, want to use unused room temperature silicone products tool operation the silica gel.

more silicone technology: details:


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