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by:Cupidove     2020-09-21

easy to simple environmental protection in recent years, the products become the trendy, in our market, the most convenient and portable and simple is the designers to master, with the development of silicone products 'simple' has become the main stream of the silicone products, while the market price too expensive but still has been purchased by many onlookers, silicone folding products are popular in the market in the near future, if a person lives in a small space in the apartment or travelling on business, it also will be around for commodities is too small to worry about? Not only environmental health and has a unique advantage in design, flexible, folding reduce the space for you, easy to carry.

organic silicone products folding products are made of food grade silicone materials in the production process of the mould structure belongs to the lateral concave-convex structure, products in the folding part is thinner so folding part is also the most vulnerable part of the silicone products, silicone folding bowls belong to tableware compared with other material texture is soft, 50 to 80 degrees or so commonly used raw materials production, can be at ease to use broken phenomenon. In using a hand can receive lunch box, hands gently press to open convenient, easy to receive. It belongs to convenience products, in terms of cleaning receive easily belong to lazy people's favorite.

for folding products, what is now the most common, the silicone folding cups already in the market sell like hot cakes, to travel, walking, and so on many friends outdoors can choose folding cup is easy to receive, and it can heat preservation, combined with technology of product appearance design also can cause a lot of heads in the street, belongs to the trend of the product. The silicone folding tableware? For an office worker or a person live in a small space can reasonable use the silicone folding bowl meal, silicone material can be 200 degrees high temperature resistant, convenient cleaning, so used is more convenient.

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