Foam silicone material with liquid

by:Cupidove     2020-05-12

is there any liquid foaming silicone material

foaming silica gel has a solid foam, with liquid foam, foam liquid in recent years, development prospect is very good,

product features:

1. Portable light, strong toughness and has strong toughness

2. Low thermal insulation thermal conductivity, excellent heat preservation

3. The independent air bubble structure, water imbibition water imbibition low

4. Buffer excellent impact resistance, can be used as a buffer material

5. Excellent weather resistance weather resistance. EPDM sponge by ozone resistance test ( 50pphm*40。 C * 72 hours)

liquid foaming silicone environmental non-toxic, resistance to burn, flame retardant, high maneuverability, can be manually operated, machine operation, Cupidove silicone products foaming silicone products material production, stable performance, is a good choice

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