Flexible machine hand toughness good silicone silicone raw materials

by:Cupidove     2020-05-17

flexible machine hand silica raw material toughness good silica

silica gel hand machine has the advantage that good toughness and can grab any articles, basic can replace manpower, can choose according to the different hardness of silica gel hardness, Cupidove silica gel to the development of A can satisfy the requirement of high performance silica gel, have very strong resistance to tear resistance to tear tensile performance, fully meet customer requirements

low use method and matters needing attention

, A, B two weight 1:1 mixing, after vacuum deaeration water. At room temperature ( 25 degrees) 30 minutes of operation time, 3 - 4 hours curing completely; Heat up 60 - 120 degrees, can be completely cured in dozens of points minutes; Rubber should be sealed storage, mixed good rubber once finished within the prescribed time, avoid waste rubber curing;

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