Fixture can have what effect in the silicone products factory

by:Cupidove     2020-09-25
Mold manufacturing industrial age in the 21st century has entered the automatic or semi-automatic, the use of the fixture has been abandoned by a number of industry, but is not completely, no need, the effect of the jig and fixture and sometimes are used, such as silica gel products factory practice, semi-automatic screen printing process, manual stamping die cutter, semi-automatic plate vulcanizing agent and so on are used, then in silicone rubber products industry, clamping fixture's main function is to what?

from now to get to know the silicone products are widely used in different industry, based on the different parts and different products of all kinds of different industries, so for the use of the fixture is more extensive, common auxiliary appliance stamping jig, main effect is to mould the holes of the need to put more products multiple secondary molding color K, K on the fixture full color after one-time can improve the work efficiency of forming process of a mold and product rate.

in the silicone products processing plants with the more in addition to the fixture, fixture fixed is also a common auxiliary tools, such as specific silicone gasket is a whole mould, after the mold products belong to shall the mold, need to have to use the jig to fixed cutting, thus avoiding the products appear bad after cutting, the fixture fixed this way is also currently the only way to promote efficiency and good product.

summarizes the silicone products manufacturers are using the main functions of the clamping fixture is needed for industry, because of many types of products are customized, no fixed and certain same shape, so the cost of the fixture is not high mainly can save processing costs, reduce non-performing products, improve production efficiency to make work easier and quick.

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