Film and television props with silica gel is so vivid, the human body the silicone shocking

by:Cupidove     2020-05-09

shocked! The original Hollywood thriller scene is that taken?

you may have seen a lot of Hollywood films, remember the thriller is raised up?

several sets of TV at home when I was a kid and neighborhood every playback DVD super busy, especially scary horror movie is so crowded people mountain people sea. I I was timid, afraid to watch horror movies since I was a child, always feel afraid to a home for a few days after, walk all suspicious don't sleep well. Since I just know originally contact Cupidove silica gel, Hollywood thriller scene is taken!

first of all, the film team usually have a props, their work is according to the scene the actors need to in advance to prepare the props. So, in the thriller, props is silica gel.

cut hand broken foot scenarios such as common silicone prosthesis is to use liquid silicone products do props

cut clean the was suddenly cut scalp! The original use is making the effects of silica gel caps.

shoot cutthroat camera lens, a makeup artist will advance on the actor's neck with a thin layer of silicone products skin, artificial plasma with many inside the catheter. Director shouted 'action', the actor with a knife cut the neck of silicone skin, hiding in the back of the staff can quickly through the catheter to squeeze the plasma.

silicone soft, environmental non-toxic and simulation is very high, according to the scenario requires the effect of different to make a lot of kinds of different silicone items. As for 'scratch' is about much more thin, and the skin is almost the same thickness, masquerade teacher to cast skills on this thin layer of silica gel, difficulty cans be imagined.

when filming combine, the appearance of the 'ghost' requirements are often very high, should be substantial, angular, big eyes, etc. doll is a commonly used props, it besides no one rich expression, looks and reality makes no difference to other effects can be achieved by a makeup artist paint well in advance.

second, in order to achieve the result of the terrorist, sound to deserve to go up as far as possible let a person hair music. Some thriller, is not only the scene to watch the curiosity and fear, is sometimes because musicians and music make the scene more realistic, instantaneous strain one hundred times.

after Hollywood certainly cannot leave computer special effects.

more questions about the Hollywood blockbuster silica gel props, welcome attention Cupidove silicone service number or add WeChat

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