European interest awards held in September! Satisfyer MEN face as a chair

by:Cupidove     2020-03-24
European interest awards held in September! Satisfyer MEN face as presiding over time: 2019 - 08 - 06 source: author: reading: recently, the second European adult-novelty awards ceremony presided over candidate, Satisfyer spoke for the MEN Rocco Siffredi will hand in hand last year the European adult-novelty annual awards best actress winner Misha Cross presided over the awards ceremony. Rocco Siffredi called & other; Throughout the Italian stallion &; , had taken more than 1300 adult film, not only act as before the show work, also served as the director, products, and the writers such as role, and in 2009 set up their own studio. He said: & other; Adult-novelty awards held in Europe is definitely a good thing, this is an opportunity for Europe's interest industry. We see in North America, be it porn, or sex toys, impression of them are professional, top all over the world. Adult movie star and sex toy manufacturers in Europe, while also not bad, but the lack of such an opportunity, will be gathered together to discuss, to seek new opportunities. ” European adult-novelty prize awards including porn, adult sites, science and technology and sex toys three areas of Europe is one of the few complete adult field awards, even if it is just a second, but has been influential. Winners in 2018: the sex toy company awards & middot; 岩石- - - - - - Off the sex toy awards & middot; Volta, Fun for the high-end sex toys awards Factory & middot; The Queen, the high-end brand appeal awards ZALO & middot; LELO annual abuse appeal company awards & middot; The lubricant company awards Mystim & middot; For the lingerie company awards Pjur & middot; Me for the product packaging awards are & middot; For the advanced sex toy company awards Womanizer & middot; Lovense annual global brand appeal awards & middot; 满足
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