Europe type silicone components USES

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ou component silicone

Europe type silicone components USES

the simulation plant and animal sculptures, Buddha carving handicraft product of a variety of industries such as replication and mold production, polly industrial products, mold manufacturing,,,, plaster craft gift industry, gift stationery industry, plastic toy industry, mainly for the European component products, artificial culture stone, sandstone reliefs, toys gifts industry, handicraft industry, furniture decoration industry, character copy, building decoration industry, resin handicraft industry, unsaturated resin handicraft industry, candle crafts

ou component selection of silica gel

according to the operation mode, generally USES brush mode operation, hardness in 28 - 28 degrees continental component characteristics of silica gel

1) mold silicone rubber has good operating performance.

(2) the silica gel for liquid, moderate viscosity brush mould easily.

(3) silicone rubber shrinkage as small as possible.

(4) better tensile strength of the silicone rubber.

5) to the silicone products mold deformation.

the method of making the European component silicone products

1, with a plastic bowl for 500 g glue, curing agent 1 at room temperature. 5%, fully stir well. Set aside.

2 cavities, the billet with release agent processing lubrication.

3, lubrication good mother around sticks around, they also used release agent processing, in the middle of the gap to 2 - It is advisable to 4 cm.

4, with good glue along a fixed infusion point slowly pouring, not when the shocks to eliminate the air inside.

5, 60 minutes after the glue solidified completely around sticks around again, leave 4 cm space, in addition to the log.

6, the gypsum powder after water injection against 1000 g wood box, fill ( Wood plastic box application is divided into two parts and ripping) 。

7, 20 minutes after dismantling batten, mould is completed.


1, the amount of curing agent added should be depending on the temperature, the temperature decreases. Excessive dosage of curing agent, mold can harden brittle; Curing agent used, less operation time will be extended.

2, to prevent mold silicone property changes, suggested that without silicone oil.

3, for your mould to use effect, please put the measurement for at least 24 hours after use.

4, also can use resin production.

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