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by:Cupidove     2020-05-03

environmental protection medical silica gel is a two-component liquid silicone molding material, also can heat curing at room temperature curing.

low product features

temperature range in - 65℃- Under the 200 ℃ can be use for a long time and keep its soft elastic properties.

non-toxic, environmental protection, through the SGS, ROSH non-toxic environmental protection certification.

with excellent electric properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, no corrosion, has a physiological inertia, avirulent insipidity, line shrinkage rate is low, easy to operate, etc.

low with path

it is mainly used for mat, body shape, sex products, hip pad, beautiful buttock trousers, breast pad, shoulder pads, patch, flexible silicone rubber, such as human facial mold silicone products products can also be used for simulation is mainly used for human face, human body modeling, feel soft, because it is food grade, can be used for making food mold, high-grade silicone products, etc.

low use method and matters needing attention

, A, B two weight 1:1 mixing, after vacuum deaeration water. At room temperature ( 28 degrees) 30 minutes of operation time, 2 - 3 hours curing completely; Heat up 60 - 120 degrees, can be completely cured at dozens of minutes.

when operating and used condensation silicone products container apart, want to use unused room temperature silicone products tool operation the silica gel.

low technical parameter

before mixing property ( 25℃,65% rh)

set points


E605 B

yan color



sticky degree ( cP)

2000 + 1000

2000 + 1000

than heavy

1. 15

1。 11

after mixing property ( 25℃,65% rh)

blending ratio ( Weight ratio)

A: B = 1:1

yan color


blend viscosity ( CP)

2000 + 1000

25 ℃ operating time ( min)

30 + 10

initial curing time ( h)

3 - 5

hard degree ( 海岸)

5 + / - 1 a

the tensile strength, Kgf / cm2)

p 18

tear strength ( 公斤/厘米)

10 p

elongation at break, %)

p 468

* viscosity, operating time, after curing hardness can be adjusted with the needs of customers.

low packing specification

packaging specifications: A: 20 kg B: 20 kg

low storage and transportation

storage period: 12 months ( Seal, a cool and dry place preservation) ;

, such products are non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical transportation.

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