Environmental protection of the human body silica gel mask making prosthetics

by:Cupidove     2020-05-03

environmental protection of the human body made the silicone products prosthesis mask

the body silicon application field widely, including common entity dolls, artificial limbs, breast, etc. , this kind of product has a high requirement on the silica gel, such as environmental protection, resistance to tear tensile resistant to ageing, flexible range is big, the surface is not out of the oil, and so on, the silicone products products including half feet silicone prosthesis, hairdressing, beauty fingers, upper limb prosthesis hand skin, silica gel sets, etc. , generally prosthesis making is very simple, liquid silicone made some steps of the prosthesis, says below

a, first of all to prepare the tools and materials

1, scissors, brushes, stirring knife, stir bar

2, vaseline, silica gel, silica gel curing agent

2, begin to use sound side take type ( In hand, for example)

1, ready to use tools, scissors, and brushes, etc. Brush is used for coating silicone and release agent, scissors are used for repair of mould.

2, and the arm with vaseline on one side of sound processing, mainly have the effect of smooth, convenient late stripping process, preparation for coating silicone.

3, pour the mixture mold silicone in the arm, and then with the brush coating evenly in the arm, slowly waiting for silica gel curing. 2 - generally only need thickness 3 mm can, do not need too thick. The gaps between the finger will also painted.

4, waiting for the mold silicone products cured completely, blowing with the ram, convenient and demoulding, removed from the model arm after a complete prosthesis mould is ready.

5, use scissors to cut the mould, will be extra bits and then into the mould from introversion evaginate, reoccupy vaseline besmear to brush the inside.

6, will die with a bracket, and ensure that do not deformation, and the deployment of good skin color liquid silicone in fixed good mould. Waiting for the cure completely.

7, in accordance with the method of step 4 stripping, stripping, be careful when you patience.

8, a complete silicone prosthesis is ready, to see whether very real.

note: to make finger and palm can slowly on the mold with two or three layers. Sure, of course, not professional, but the appearance is the past.

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