Ensure minimum - case look flash lines Silica gel products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-02

recently received customer on silica gel protective sleeve of a small problem, the case of moulding line is how to produce such a big? How to solve? 'For dealers and customers inquiries and problems are the most can carry out a seasoned seller! So with many buyers and trade just understand sales and research and development, the technology needs to be improved for the silicone products, as for the silicone products factory is the existence of positive answer these questions for you!

and moulding line formal root cause of the burrs, if to solve the fundamental reason for silica gel protective sleeve so that the silicone products on appearance has superior! So rough moulding line, flash is too big not only affect the appearance also affect the product sales, and we can also in the process of processing the correct solution, but this kind of phenomenon mostly appear in the product has been finished after reaction, my friends, so as the following method can be reference!

1, die don't be afraid to spend money, the first process is crucial, if not die steel and process and tool, the influence on production is unable to forecast, a lot of products from the cutting edge and moulding line size is the main reason is the mold process, good steel, good technology, good cutting tools and precision mould precision depends on your machine!

2, production and processing standards still need to go to normal process, on the curing time, the machine pressure and temperature of the machine, and so on, don't rush to production in the process of processing and waste most of raw materials, the results back or a pair of back to before liberation, all scrap.

3, don't hurry, and rush to mixing of raw materials is good, this time is too long not only affects the quality of the rubber, and the effect of the production and just mixing effect is completely different, so the size of the silica gel protective sleeve burrs is also with the same link!

above points on silica gel protective sleeve and the biggest impact of the same kind of silica gel products or mould problem, so try to choose in the mold development period of the supplier, above the loss and cutter knife repairing adjustment of the machine with tight! ! All say 1 mm gap can not affect the mould you have any questions, but 0. 01 mm can reflect some problems!

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