Dust silicone mask which is really good _ silicone mask

by:Cupidove     2020-09-28

dustproof silica gel mask have longer service life, soft and comfortable, long-term wearing is not easy to cause allergies and skin irritations. But the silicone material also different hard softness, high hardness causing facial mask easily creasing, and low hardness may wear loose, prone to leakage phenomenon. So usually choose the lower hardness of silica gel mask is better.

it is known that the current market is known as the dust of the silicone mask, silica gel mask product, is just on the part of the face using silicone material, main part with the material or plastic, is through the filter of the box or filter to filter. Because of silica gel products excellent close skin, non-toxic, odourless, soft and comfortable, not aging hardening, easy to clean, durable without deformation, repeated use can still guarantee good adhesiveness, sealing, etc.

but silicone rubber masks, silicone rubber masks filter part if you can't do multi-layer filter at the same time, the use of or filter cotton, such as synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton and activated carbon filter cotton, etc. , using a to a variety of filter cotton, use a layer to the multilayer air filter cotton, in an attempt to prevent dust and fog on the human body, the actual effect is the same, so whether it's silicone rubber masks or ordinary mask, filter must pay attention to the problem is the weight of the filter.

at present, most of the mask with channel, exhaust valve, filter materials, silica gel mask and mask is made up by silicone material, in order to prevent the harmful gas into the mask. With special design, extend the transversal filter cavity channel, effective filtering PM2. 5 dust, reduce the harm to human body the air; Chooses the silica gel mask are reusable, longer life, only need to replace the middle filter to filter cotton, different from ordinary mask, USES the food grade environmental protection silicone material, similar to the pacifier, children's tooth gel material, soft and comfortable, not hurt the skin, after using the silicone part can be removed, steam sterilization, repeated use, no contact with the skin surface phenomenon of bacterium of!

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