Downstream of the silicone industry news coming _ raw materials [ Price not available] How long will last

by:Cupidove     2020-08-29
Facing the wave of environmental protection and the market has a single compact, under the double blow of the next few months the silicone products industry could be facing a price is not available, the upstream supply not phenomenon, once upon a time two weeks began his general upstream organic silicon's piece rotary header does not offer of foreign enterprises and even suspend order phenomenon, and the price of a few suppliers have is boundless, supply not the phenomenon to appear frequently in this period of time, this kind of situation for downstream silicone products manufacturer is affected by the serious, therefore bemoaned, this phenomenon will last long!

recently by national environmental protection supervision seriously, in various parts of the country security environmental protection supervision and query, guangdong area from August 28 have been raiding the investigations, which leads to many heavy industries has been shut down, a lot of silicon in chemical materials supplies, so the worst is not the price, but organic silicon downstream suppliers do not deliver the goods on time, seriously affect the customer delivery. So after the storm is expected to lead to a lot of small silicone companies desperate, the customer to reach the delivery date, raw material rise, inventory accumulation of raw materials led capital turnover difficult questions and so on.

mixing rubber market steady rise, also suspended orders become mouth the words, but the price is boundless not available reason to grow, downstream for silicone rubber products manufacturers of goods have to be booked in advance and cash payment will not receive a monthly statement, as of last Friday conventional mixing rubber market price is as follows: 22000 - 23000 yuan/ton, the gas phase glue quotation is 31000 - 32500 / ton, is beyond control, many basic foreign silicone production factory to the customer price, return even order, and so on.

the graph construction condition of enterprise:

shandong dongyue two sets of device is still an open one, the other by environmental regulation, shandong luxi, shandong Jin Ling recently began to overhaul regulation device, is expected to a month. Jiangsu and zhejiang area, zhejiang xinan recent move 60000 tons of equipment and lines, hesheng normal production in zhejiang, sichuan synthetic single operation, hubei xingfa equipment routine maintenance, open a stop!

on subsequent market forecast, the silicone raw materials, siloxane, white carbon black, methyl chloride, such as silicone oil prices do not drop, provided is insufficient, trouble monomer construction, operating costs of support and under the pressure of environmental protection to promote organic silicon industry, follow-up after environmental protection after the storm, still hope September start normal operation to enhance general upstream to a timely rain to alleviate the situation of market supply not

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