Dongguan silicone products manufacturer to introduce you to the silicone products common sense

by:Cupidove     2020-08-13

1, defective products cannot be recovered, if it is not a silicone product good, so companies face scrap, if we just the appearance of the mild adverse effects can still be reprocessed product processing.

2, silicone products can be removed, the screen printing on silk screen printing, silica gel products passed before entering the oven can dip in a clean cloth screen wipe some white electric oil and silicon key after baking, the screen will be more difficult to eliminate, this time can remove the silk screen wipe with sand paper or electric grinder grinding, electric grinding wheel during grinding methods and should pay attention to the dynamics, improper operation can lead to use silica gel products processing surface quality of the grinding crack.

3. Silicone products, customer samples/drawings, design to customer to confirm, sample and proofing - proofing confirmed. 。 Confirm the purchase order -> open -> custom manufacturing mold assembly to QA, according to the requirements of the contract delivery

4, silica gel products packaging production management process, prepare the material - mixing - forming to sulfide to screen printing, spraying, edge trimming.

5, silica gel products, surface treatment, spraying oil, just as its name implies is to make the product feels there is a good feeling. 。 Injection plus laser carving, spraying silicone edge of silica gel set items, and then color laser printing ink layer surface after after a pattern. Color of epoxy resin, silicone has repair side drops of liquid rubber into a pattern. Color printing, on the edge of can fix on the silicone material products printed any color for the pattern, this technology can make the silicone set not only beautiful and stereo sense is stronger.

6, silica gel products have peculiar smell, the smell of main reason is that when the machine is hot pressing, the raw material after high temperature, normal out smell, even if the silicon raw material is not exceptional also, in general, four days later the smell of the cooling will slowly disappear, because organic silicon material is non-toxic tasteless environmental protection enterprise product, won't cause harm to human body health.

7, the cause of silica gel product size bad, when the molding pressure is too large, will cause the silicone product size is too long, when pressure is too low, will cause the silicone products size is too long, lead to the organic silicon products small size, the thickness of the section thickness, thus forming a discharge excessive glue, organic silicon products can cause air bubble, The air bag) High, the load on the silicone part of the key, the size of the silica gel materials products structure is big.

8, silica gel products appearance design is mainly through the inspection project, mainly including check whether enterprise product color difference, the burrs are finishing clean and products break

crack, silk-screen character offset, surface impurities, dirt and stains. 。

9, the advantages of organic silicon products, environmental protection, non-toxic silica gel itself is environmental protection, in the process of silica gel products from raw materials to finished products in shenzhen did not produce any

poisonous and harmful chemicals. Strong toughness, with long service life. Soft and smooth. Cheap widely used.

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