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by:Cupidove     2020-09-07

in the present processing of silica gel products for many consumers doubt now, how to production and processing of silica gel? What are the consumers don't know little problem silica gel? Silica gel products exactly have poison? Production environment is not clean? In the face of silica gel products consumers now these answers, silica gel products factory take you under the preliminary understanding what are the basic common sense and silica gel production problems.

a silicone products manufacturer, choice for the waste of raw materials not in the recovery production of silicone products, some of above can only be used for industrial rubber products, once the processing of finished product scrap, so can only throw away back to do secondary production material of rubber products.

2, silica gel products because it is avirulent insipidity, transparent material, so there can be no dirty problem of raw materials, in rubber mixing, staff must be hands clean to be able to mix practice of the silica gel, so the consumer can be at ease use, will not have inside the raw materials of the phenomenon.

three during processing, our staff before the die must die for cleaning, or mold fouling mass above will lead to our products in the process of production, soiled and once dirty products directly, as non-conforming.

4, some consumers certainly think the manufacturer of this product environment must be bad, may feel production environment is very dirty, but please rest assured each silicone products factory production workshop environment is must be cleaned every day, every day if you clean up, can cause our scrap may float to the mold above lead to mold damage, or bad product, so each silicone products manufacturer will clean up the edge material every day, so say I hope not let consumers feel the production environment.

production and processing is not slovenly to produce because of the cargo, the leadership of the company to the requirement of employees is 'safety first, quality is the second, the speed is the third time can we can drive, can't catch the za is slow, do not speed, but the quality of the silicone products manufacturer to the good faith to serve you!

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