Don't let cheap competition ruined silicone products and silicone parts of word of mouth

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

in the world of science and technology research and development, it's probably a lot of friends in the pursuit of a feeling, experience different natural product reputation will be different, not in the market at least five more VR products brand, using cheap augmented reality VR devices, let more consumers be able to experience VR reality at a low price, of course as a bystander is also find the starting point must be good! But this kind of phenomenon appears also made a lot of famous brand are the next layer, and silicone products manufacturer also said to be affected! Low price products such as encounter problems naturally in various aspects accused! Low disadvantage silicone material is provided by the supplier, the claim small make up said not stand it!

VR reality technology including a large number of silicone parts and plastic parts, silicone parts and plastic material as the core internal material, above is not the quality problems, from the solid silica gel material reference to electronic products, I think there is no sensation of the opposition, so low price competition can not only destroy the balance of the whole industry, but also make the whole in the value of the products, and silicone products combined with other accessories market recognition, from material above has listed as some mobile phone accessories buttons, etc. , understand the history it didn't have any effect!

in the market there are a number of products and companies also make similar moves in for survival, especially in China limited edition products in our real life likely is everywhere! If a better design solution can increase the application of silicone accessories in the electronic products. And upgrade technology, let the consumer to add an unknown curiosity deep feeling! And it can reduce the price, not on the same product, so I also will be the first to make an appointment to purchase consumer!

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