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by:Cupidove     2020-09-20

now silicone products development speed rapid, many suppliers are in foreign and silicone rubber industry rapidly, according to silicone rubber silicone rubber products industry market that Malaysia is becoming the main land development around the world, has become the world one of the main channel for the development of silicone rubber products, rubber products from Europe and the United States in the eighteenth century traction to become one of the most popular home to send production in Asia, Malaysia in the 19th century of silicone rubber products reached 1. 8 million tons in Malaysia, are exported to all over the world, along with society's development, the population of the Malay west to lack, lead to production shortfalls, artificial lack, and then gradually began to decline, until now exports around 900000 tons every year.

rubber is one of the most important raw material supply for all of rubber and plastic industry, are basic was full of rubber trees all over the world nowadays, from the perspective of the development of Malaysia, crude oil, rubber support is enough, become one of the main sources of silicone rubber products development change, with the development of the society s introduction to hainan in 1904 in our country, gradually spread to guangxi, guangdong, yunnan, fujian and other regions, then the rubber industry in China began to improve, until now beyond Malaysia has become a global array of rubber power of economic development.

but until now, a lot of rubber and plastic industry in Malaysia on the production technology level and production management is a silicone products manufacturer in China should learn's point of view, according to industry sources, rubber and plastic industry in Malaysia in the control of the processing methods of raw materials and resources has very good application, from the view of silicone rubber and plastic industry industry in our country is more difference compared with horse, for example, we in the molding industry for raw materials of control and cost control are not as good as they do, in recent years gradually begin to have a better improvement!

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