Do you know the silicone rubber gasket can be used in what place

by:Cupidove     2020-08-26

when it comes to the silicone sheet, many friends will associate its purpose, however the silicone gasket is not just as the function of one or two simple you think, where all kinds of environment and the use process doesn't need a gasket? But how the scope of the widely used silicone gasket, did you confirm really understand?

the silicone gaskets are used in different industry, so let's say you don't know what the silicone sheet role!

1, household products, gasket

common household gaskets gasket can be classified as a commodity, such as common eat mat, desk pads, made by silicone material can prevent the desktop is the major cause of the damage, the stronger adsorption performance can prevent boiler bowl sliminess, at the same time take to heat insulation effect, eat mat products are mainly made of environmental protection grade silicone material appearance as the theme in general, so for the color and pattern is more important!

2, sensing the silicone sheet

this kind of products are mainly for electronic semiconductor, such as conductive silicone piece, turn hot silicone sheet, etc. , for silicone products in add catalyst has a certain static electricity and electric conductivity, embedded in the metal sheet, the electrical conductive black and paint to achieve sensing effects! This kind of product is above every piece of electronic equipment must have the same thing!

3, food-grade silicone sheet

as a daily supplies, medical equipment products in contact with the human body for a long time that have to be applied to this type of product, such as the cover seal, connectivity shock absorption and so on, this kind of product has to reach environmental protection level certification testing.

4, mechanical seal

is widely used, powerful, mechanical gaskets and gasket buffer in different industry can be said to be the most common type of products, miscellaneous pieces of this kind of parts is also a lot of silicone products manufacturer is one of the main, and the use of different environment and performance can choose different materials, in addition to the silicone material, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber, and so on have a wide range of time!

so no matter what industry, the function of the silicone rubber gaskets are used by involved, as for the functional environment and effect of the use of!

no matter in any industry gaskets gasket basic application have been affected, such as commonly used in the output pipe vibration electronic products, etc. , the different function of gaskets gasket can be used to select different materials, and the performance of different material can make the whole product use effect and life become more prominent!

are an important part of the society and they come in handy in any place where there are manufacturer of silicone products in need of manufacturer of silicone products.
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