Do you know about the silicone products industry standard questions

by:Cupidove     2020-09-18

today's society, many of our companies large and small problems, very much, in the midst of silica gel products industry, our problems, there is very frequent, many problems appear not by technology, but the production experience, the silica gel in the production of more than ten years there have been many problems, and solve the problem of a lot of, want to for some socially just starting silicone products manufacturer or purchaser and his friends a little experience.

we often mention of silica gel products superior performance, superior outstanding performance so that more customers to use, plus the silica gel is a petroleum products, don't have to rely on oil resources, can be repeatedly used, now have taken the place of a lot of rubber products, applied to, industrial, medical and so on many aspects of our life, and more and more widely applied, and that is why many of our clients businesses more strict with silica gel products products, in the production process can't omit any detail.

and the common problem of the production process of silica gel products, a, forming mold, a mold from the cutting edge design is unreasonable, mould chamfer does not reach the designated position, mould wear and use time is too long, and so on will result in after a period of split edges appear bad phenomenon. Second, the silica gel products of raw materials to prevent the time, the quality of raw materials will lead to products not willful, pull litre degree is low, it is easy to break. Three, molding production of raw materials, not put in place will lead to lack of material or edge is too large, the thickness increase, lead to edge tear down the product. Four, sulfide environment a matter of time, in the vulcanization, appropriate modulation time and temperature, keep the performance of the product hardness, must have good control in time, time is too long lead to product brittle, time is too short, can lead to products not familiar phenomena and so on, in the silicone products manufacturer production processing problem there are many of the details, should be reasonable to deal with, so that customers receive satisfactory products

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