Do corporate entities to do [ Small and exquisite - Small and beautiful]

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

do 'small but good' or 'small but beautiful' is a kind of positioning is also a kind of concept, the concept of it requires to hold people to endure to live lonely, maintain a steady state of mind, more need to stick to pay. The growth of each enterprise is a long and arduous process, as for the growth speed of fast and slow is closely linked with enterprise leaders. The rivalry between the army and army is the central figure in the army, in the same way, the rivalry between the peer enterprises and business leaders.

'the sparrow is small, all-sided' is the company's boss, often in a word, the spread of an idea is nudging needs gradual. Company is very small, the social responsibility is also relatively small, but this does not affect our idea, every industry has a leader, 'small and exquisite, small and beauty' is just such a direction. If not because we have such idea, today we are not so many large enterprises and cooperation, also won't and so many famous enterprises have in hand. Is known as: millet mobile power supply, pearl cosmetics, century baby, samsung electronics, huawei technologies, xin and Thai group, and so on. Is today can cooperation, and so many large enterprises is not only a good product quality requirements, and the difficulty of the product is a big problem, silica gel products industry is already a very saturated industry, competition more play more incentive, only do more difficult, more challenging products, is our concept of fundamental, and to do well, constantly challenge, constantly trying, we have the excellent senior mold expert, we have 18 elderly experienced production management team. Every kind of appearance of new products will bring new market impact, in order to adapt to the market, we are willing to pay for it.

from the management, we have been efforts to learn all kinds of advanced idea, growth process, various lack effective play to the modern information technology into the management factors. The following figure is the company's recent passed ISO90001 certificate.

enterprise wants to be a 'small but good', 'small but beautiful' is not as easy as I thought, need to 'small fire stew slowly', we actually have a lot of local temperature is not enough, but because have such idea, let us keep a stable development in buck.

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