Do candy mold with silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-05-14

a, make candy mold using silica gel:

do candy mold with silica gel in the mold can be used for precision parts, auto parts, aerospace parts, high temperature resistant products, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, cake, chocolate, candy, and other products of mold production. Do auto mould with high temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic parts transparent silicone products in doing silicone products products can be used to make the body prosthesis, human skin, masks, silica gel doll, breast pad, such as silicone products, medical products production.

2, make candy mold with silica gel properties:

1, not deformation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no swelling characteristics.

2, shorten the rate is good, complex mode, more food shaped mold silicone shortening rate at two over one thousand. 3, pull, good elasticity, tear strength is good, the goods not only make you beautiful, and shaped mold silicone food can make you make goods deformation, high temperature resistance in 200 degrees are no doubt, to below zero 50 degrees food appearance mold silicone is still not brittle, still very soft, the simulation effect is very good.

three, do candy mold with silica gel performance parameters: models: E625 appearance: translucent

viscosity ( cps) : hardness (14000 ~ 25000 Ao) :20 ~ 25

拉伸强度( kgf /cm2) : 35 tear strength (or 公斤/厘米) :旳25伸张率( %) A: 450 curing agent adding ratio (or %) :2 ~ 3

操作时间( h) : 0. 5相变时间( h) :2 ~ 4

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