Divided into what kind of silica gel protective sleeve aging phenomenon

by:Cupidove     2020-08-11

silicone materials have many excellent properties function, it not only as an aviation, cutting-edge technology and military technology department of special material to use, but also used in departments of national economy, has been expanding its application range: building, electrical and electronic, textile, automobile, machinery, paper and leather, chemical light industry, metal and paint, medicine, health care, etc. And use of silicone in electrical and electronic products in recent years, more and more, such as silica gel protective sleeve and electronic protective sleeve!

and silica gel products belong to the integrity of raw materials production, the composition of the material ratio of adding different no functional effect will appear and occupy much influence for the function of product aging, so today just for you analyze the cause of ageing silica gel protective sleeve and what kind of phenomenon are there!

contact medium ageing

silicon rubber sheath as exposure to silicon molecular materials used in the natural environment, will be affected by the moisture in the air, or other conditions, such as the outer insulation of power system, in salt polluted areas, vulnerable to the effects of salt fog, and the aging research analysis under the condition of the aging performance become a must. In addition, some contact with the oil of the silicone rubber products, testing the oil resistance, improve the performance of the oil resistant and practical application of research priorities.

the aging behavior of silicon rubber in different kinds of oil, the occurrence of wear and tear on the one hand is due to the mechanical damage of aging, as well as crosslinking system is degraded due to material, produce low molecular weight caused by the material. The existence of the fluid can reduce the friction coefficient, but also can accelerate rubber chemical degradation, increasing the wear and tear.

hot oxygen aging

sealing of natural rubber (used for capacitor NR) Ethylene propylene rubber ( EPM、三元乙丙橡胶) , styrene-butadiene rubber ( SBR) , butyl rubber ( 信息检索 And silicone rubber ( NVQ) In the process of using, and so on, hot oxygen aging belong to this form. NR because contain a large number of unsaturated double bond, under the combination of heat and oxygen, produce vulcanized rubber degradation reaction of molecular chain, cracking and fracture of the crosslinked keys, caused by aging.

hot oxygen aging is free radical reaction, and oxidation reaction; Thermal aging in anaerobic conditions, can produce free radicals decomposition, the faster the key cracking can lower its decomposition; Polymer in ionized by radiation can produce inspired again at the same time, the molecules and produce free radicals, which main chain rupture and crosslinking, finally produce all kinds of gas; After ultraviolet aging of molecules absorb ultraviolet excitation specific functionality, and decompose or through other functionality, the decomposition, such as the energy transfer in by generating activity for the reaction.

open silicone rubber in high temperature aerobic environment mainly side chain oxidation decomposition reaction of organic groups, bring about sclerosis of silicone rubber; High-temperature airtight in anaerobic environment, mainly the main chain rupture, generate volatile ring polysiloxane, lead to soften the silicone products. Silicone rubber in high temperature conditions mainly oxidation reaction of methyl side chain and main chain degradation reaction.

fatigue aging

the tiredness of the silica gel protective sleeve aging means of silicone rubber products under a certain frequency and under the action of cyclic stress, the molecular structure of the silicone material changes in the aging phenomenon, is the result of the activation by two main factors, namely the force and thermal ( Due to deformation of rubber in many times, the hysteresis, the silica gel inside heating) The results of the effect.

the ozone aging

have very low levels of ozone in the atmosphere, the silica gel in the process of aging, ozone attack on the silicone fine molecules, scatter silicone expansion, leading to the surface crack. Ozone reactions with double bond of the silicone molecules, generated ozonide Moore and peroxide, thus generating ozonide. The ozonide under the action of light and heat, etc into free radicals, lead to chain reaction. In addition, the silicone rubber can produce molecules under the action of a stress fracture, and not generate ozonide, appear crack aging phenomenon.

by studying the effect of ozone, the different kinds of tread rubber, including natural rubber, oil filled methyl styrene butadiene rubber and poly (isoprene rubber and butadiene rubber and plastic etc show that longer duration of action of ozone, the service life of rubber decreased, and the rapid fall in the ozone effect in a short period of time, prove that silicone rubber was obvious at the beginning of the effect of ozone degradation. With the extension of ozone action time of slower drop in life. This may be due to slow decomposition deepening stage in polymer degradation process.

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