Difference between PC and tpu mobile phone sets of plastic sleeve

by:Cupidove     2020-09-26

when it comes to cell phone sets, as you know, the story of is to protect the cell phone. Say to the subdivision, is hard, soft, beautiful, not good-looking, holster, if to PC cases and tpu mobile phone sets, some people don't understand. Today, I am here to explain in detail the PC case and the difference between tpu case.

to start with PC, mobile phone sets and tpu mobile phone sets belong to plastic case, both the biggest difference between the two different hardness. To distinguish from the materials, lead to different hardness difference lies in the different proportion of some components. PC phone set is a kind of mobile phone joke, very hard to produce at first time can be smooth surface, also can be rough. Then, on the surface of the phone joke can do many kinds of craft, such as water stick, IMD, spray rubber oil, screen printing, etc. Tpu case is a kind of soft, of course, this degree is also in a range; Some soft sets, can knead into a ball and some is hard, only can be bent to a certain shape. Tpu process is relatively small. There are also many phone sets is a combination of the PC and silica gel. Dongguan is a professional silicone products manufacturer, sales every year a lot of silicone products and plastic products, mobile phone sets of dominant in these products.

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