Did you send blind box 520, suggested to choose a silicone blind box

by:Cupidove     2020-09-29

today is valentine's day - — 520, came to a sudden rise 520 limited-time online blind box of activity. So what is a blind box? Blind box can be said to be the blind bag, also be used for gift packaging, but without any hint on the outside of the box, only open after know what is present. Now that is to choose the blind box, so why not choose a design more beautiful, but also can reuse of silicone blind box!

blind box is a kind of culture, originated in the United States, the hot development in Japan. From the very beginning of gift box, finally gradually evolved into a collection, it not only improves itself 'value', but also is too high a price for the internal gift box. Online such as an ordinary silica gel doll, price is SiWuShiKuai, but into the blind box, the price can buy LiangSanBaiKuai, really make people difficult to understand.

however, now that the blind box became a kind of culture, so when the choice, you'd better choose a design more beautiful, and unique exclusive custom silicone blind box appearance. Because general blind boxes are made of paper design, while also look good, but the feeling is still a cardboard boxes, if not to say this is a blind box, then its value is no.

and select the blind box of silicone material, this can be the feeling of the moment there is a tall, do you want to ah, you give others a blind silicone gift box packaging, then he ( She) Found after open the gift is not like myself, even though he ( She) Also because of the show say like, thank you. But the feeling of this gift useless, if is the person who don't understand the blind box of culture, so the box was placed into the trash can.

if you use the silicone blind box packing gift, even if a gift is not like it, but at the very least, the blind box or can be used in other place. Because the silicone is a kind of high temperature resistant, non-toxic material, whether it's used to hold a clutter or for food at ordinary times, all is ok.

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