Determine the silicone toys, children's products for the silicone quality, you have to know a few questions!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-28

now 00 children already not like 80 after 90 after the education of the youth, when the children's early education is very important, so choose a benefit children's toys is also very important! Now in addition to the effect of the toy has a lot of parents towards environmental educational model, the silicone toys category products become the trend of the market, but the silicone noble but determine the silicone toys in the market good or bad or there's a little tip so remind you pay attention to a few problems when the choose and buy!

material safety

for children's children, security must be the most important, and compared with hard rubber and other plastics silicone products advantage lies in the soft material has more security let children safer, raw materials silicone is generally adopt environmental protection silicone polymer materials custom, to children, such as silicone toys non-toxic tasteless without stimulating the skin, color full general won't appear mixed color multicolor, with different colors like now! Use for a long time not any conflicts don't change, so after certain purchase!

the practicability of products

practicality is important and beneficial to children's intelligence development and the promotion of the brain and eyes, so in addition to structural design, the product is equipped with efficacy and choose the color and the effect of using all relates to whether the children's products are favored! Such as soft degree is suitable for the current age of children, the shape of the products such as cartoon animals, multicolor elements and so on! Functional products with reasonable hardness is also very important, such as silicone tooth rubber, silicone spoon, silicone doll, and so on!

the quality of the product sexual

involves quality have to assess a silicone toy factory product quality, first of all look bad whether reasonable, whether surface black spots impurities under control, the service life of the product long-term tensile whether there will be broken off the phenomenon of crack and even rebound effort! Products in the mold being accurate, silicone products, the appearance of the moulding line is equivalent to the entire product and manufacturer of high quality silica gel products from moulding line thickness size can see that the product is belong to high quality mould and silicone supplier!

so overall, both in the silica gel children's toys or custom development before ordering, you will consider the effect of product orders from source to the end consumer.

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