Depth understanding of silica gel products water transfer printing process

by:Cupidove     2020-08-15

water transfer printing processing has already come into common use in all walks of life, is no exception, silicone rubber products in water transfer printing technology it is mostly used for overall appearance pattern processing, so some need comprehensive design and color of the surface of the silica gel products or coverage more category can be used to it, though the water transfer printing production process is simple, but processing efficiency is very slow so only for small quantity processing.

water transfer printing processing compared with other ways of printing, belongs to the machining process of a more environmental protection, also is a kind of efficient current emerging printing method. It broke through the flat printing office cannot reach concave and convex surface, strong practicability, using range is wide, the operation is simple, and popularity, after water transfer printing silicone products, tinctorial yield is high, can achieve large area coverage, can be in silicone, plastic, hardware, Copper, iron, aluminum, etc. ) , wood, plastic, PU, ABS, PE, PP, etc. ) , a variety of materials such as stone, bakelite, ceramic surface printing, after the water transfer printing processing of silica gel products, its added value multiplied to ascend, the water transfer printing market development soon, but most of the region has yet to be developed, far cannot satisfy the demand of the market. Today and you tell me about it!

the operation of the water transfer printing processing and related requirements

make water transfer printing paper and paper soaked - design a quote - dry -> product

the first step: make water transfer printing paper, according to the need of design output film after the computer processing system of plate, the bottom paper ( Already processed) On all sorts of want to design printing, finally have good print at the bottom of the paper cover to seal oil. Another way is to use color laser printer to print directly to the bottom of the water transfer printing paper and then in water transfer printing.

step 2: color paper soaked. Put the printed paper people water, soak out from the water after 30 s, etc. It can be smooth shipment. Don't pay attention to soak time is too long, otherwise it will dissolve the glue on the surface of the paper.

the third step, design a quote. First will be reposted surface processing, then soak good color paper to re-post to it, and then scrape excess water, dry.

step 4: dry. Put silica gel or other types of material objects in the oven to 140 ℃ baking 20 min; Plastic items with 70 ℃, bake 60 min; Candles, a helmet or glass without baking.

step 5: the finished product. In baked good silicone products to spray a layer of transparent cover surface light lacquer, dry after 12 h, make the flower surface in combination with decorations are permanent. If you don't do this procedure can also be, but poor fastness.

water transfer printing to silicone products in the process of consumption, the product has no pollution, processing the product percent of pass is high. Design level, color is gorgeous. Color can do ten sets, strong adhesion, repeated friction can be obtained by methods such as testing, complete can reach the international standard. Above is about water transfer printing processing can use on which products introduced, water transfer printing technology has been widely used, it can be tens of thousands of kinds of water transfer printing design, also can be made according to their own design, just to injection products can do water transfer printing processing.

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