Degree of friction force size what are the implications of silicone O ring!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-29

the silicone sealing ring is mainly used in electronic equipment and mechanical equipment, its size can be divided into the proportion of different size, but in use process often may because of mechanical extrusion or friction factors such as the service life of the fall, for the silicone seal ring in the process of using the main factors of wear depends on the several aspects?

a silica gel products in use process in addition to think damage, its degree of abrasion is mainly depends on the size of its use, which is what we call the friction pressure, silicone seal wear rate and the amount of precompression work has certain correlation, when seal normal shock absorption job, liquid pressure, increased as the work pressure lead to the friction in the matcha bigger!

under the condition of the working pressure is less than 20 mpa, approximate linear relationship. When the pressure is greater than 20 mpa, with the increase of pressure, o-ring and the increase of contact area on the metal surface which have an effect on the application of the o-rings and friction gradually slow, also slowly accordingly with the increase of the friction force. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the o-ring with the increase of liquid pressure will be less approximation of the square. The increase of friction, makes rotating or reciprocating movement between the shaft and O ring friction heat.

because most o-rings are mostly made of silicone and rubber material, and the thermal conductivity of the rubber o-rings is poor. Therefore, the frictional heat can cause rubber aging, lead to o-ring, undermine its sealing performance. Friction still can cause surface damage of the o-ring, reduce amount of compression. Serious friction will cause the surface damage of o-ring, soon lose tightness.

so, silicone O ring friction to a great extent, for the service life of the o-rings is has a great influence, so at the time of application of o-rings friction don't ignore it.

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